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Lattice Innovations MOJO 2.2 Competition Rock Crawler Body
TCS Price: $35.00
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Lattice Innovations MOJO Comp Body AX04026
The Mojo is a new body created specifically for the 2.2S (Shafty) Class of Competitive Rock Crawling. It takes advantage of the most recent USRCCA ruleset allowing the Body to be 8” long, 3” wide, and 3” tall. The design was created with input from todays top drivers. We wanted it to be small, light, durable, and helpful for rolling over. Every body line was specifically put there to meet these needs.

It is made from 0.030” Polycarbonate sheet and the original strength of the material is multiplied by the curves and pockets designed in. The actual dimensions of the body are a little over the minimum so you won’t have to worry about a small change putting you out of spec (8.25” x 3.10” x 3.10”). For those interested in shaving g’s this weighs in at a mere 21g, trimmed as shown before paint.