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disabled GCM Machine Axial Yeti and EXO Buggy Front/Rear/Center Diff Upgrade Kit GR0085 (includes one diff cup only)
disabled GCM Machine Axial Yeti and EXO Buggy Front/Rear/Center Diff Upgrade Kit GR0085 (includes one diff cup only)

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This part fits the front, rear, and center diff. Kit includes the diff cup and shims only. After building the Yeti buggy from Axial Racing, it won't take long to realize that the weak link in the entire driveline system is going to be the differentials.... all 3 of them. GCM has the answer. As you know, GCM Racing has been making bulletproof diffs for several years, and as soon as we began our Yeti and EXO build, we saw the need for an upgrade here. This unique diff kit is like no other on the market. We have tuned years of diff upgrade experience right into this product and it shows.

First, there's a simple 2 step outside diameter on the Billet Machined diff cup. Doesn't sound like much, but it allows the new cup to locate perfectly with the CENTER or FRONT and REAR diff parts, and all using the same upgraded cup. And that's just the first part.... Next is the internals. We include 2 polished stainless steel shims for a good reason- to isolate the metal-on-metal friction between the output gears and the output bearing area. This allows much cooler bearings and longer life of all the internals. The new case has been machined perfectly to allow the use of these extra parts and give you the best diff possible. There is more! You will notice the side hole on the case. This is for no-removal oil fill-ups. It's a simple thing, but if your oil starts getting low in the diffs, it just won't perform the same. With this little side screw, you can simply remove, fill, and replace, and you are back on the track ready to go.

Each kit includes:
1- new billet machined diff cup
1- side set screw for fill-ups
2- outdrive gear shims

For a no-flex long lasting diff in your EXO, there's nothing available like the long engineered GCM Diff upgrade... made exactly for this buggy.

An Assembly note: READ THIS IF YOU USE AN OLD GASKET!! Thanks to lovely Axial design, they used a compression paper gasket to seal the diff to the ring gear. Please keep in mind that the gasket easily compresses MORE than the thickness of both supplied internal shims, so if in fact you crank the heck out of the 4 attachment screws, you can in fact overtighten the diff and make it seize up completely. IF YOUR DIFF WAS ALREADY ASSEMBLED, YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE A CRUSHED PAPER GASKET AND YOUR NEW DIFF MAY BE TOO TIGHT. If this is your situation, please get a new paper gasket (Axial # AX30385) or take out the internal diff shims. None of our diffs in all history are designed to be tight after assembly. It should be free running (without oil) and provide very little resistance between the diff cups. Keep that in mind for your own assembly also. Make it tight, but don't crush the crap out of the gasket or the diff will be too tight.

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